NeuroTeamView Increases Team Performance

NeuroTeamView helps your team enhance overall effectiveness based on a new diagnostic measuring two key foundations of high performing teams. It enables you to design your own team solution while providing the reassurance of using a model based on the latest team research and neuroscience of psychological safety/trust.

The importance of interpersonal trust for organisations and teams


Psychological Safety + Emotional Awareness = A High Performance Team

Recent research has uncovered two key characteristics that are essential for high trust/high performance teams:
  1. 1. High-performance teams have high psychological safety
  2. 2. High-performance teams have team members who posess social and emotional awareness
NeuroTeamView directly measures both of these concepts to generate a rich picture of overall team effectiveness and provide a platform for the creation of a high impact team development solution.

More Productivity


More Retention


Less Burnout


Higher Engagement


More Joy


Greater Job Satisfaction


Features & Benefits of NeuroTeamView

The role of teams in contributing to organisational success is well documented. NeuroTeamView offers many benefits for those looking to create effective team interventions to build high performance teams.

Two Key Factors

Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust and Social/Emotional Awareness

Team Focused

The assessment and methodology are specifically focused on work teams

Quality Output

We provide the assessment and reports, and train you in the NeuroTeamView methodology and team building interventions to support the diagnostic

Ofactor model


Design your team programmes the way that makes most sense for your teams


We provide a suite of facilitator materials and support resources to help facilitate successful team interventions

Reliable and Easy to Use

Our tool and platform won’t let you down

The Questionnaire

About the NeuroTeamView Assessment

The NeuroTeamView assessment is research based and carefully developed by a group of organisational psychologists at Envisia Learning. This team diagnostic demonstrates strong psychometric properties (internal consistency reliability) and has been used internationally with diverse teams to enhance effectiveness and performance. The NeuroTeamView questionnaire has two parts and is quick to complete by all team members online. It measures two important ingredients necessary for high performing teams:

  1. 1. Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust
  2. 2. Social/Emotional Awareness
Our validated measure of Social/Emotional Awareness is obtained by asking team members to correctly identify 8 universal human emotions based on non-verbal facial expressions. Current research (Druskat and Wolff, 2001) suggests that high scores on emotional awareness significantly predict high team performance. Based on research on psychological safety/interpersonal trust (Zak, 2017; Edmondson, 2002; Mayer, Davis, & Schoorman, 1995) NeuroTeamView measures four specific scales and underlying behaviours to help teams identify barriers to team trust:

Your team believes you have the appropriate knowledge and skills
Your team believes you are on their side
Your team believes you will act with honesty and integrity
Your team believes you will act in a predictable and reliable manner

NeuroTeamView provides a choice of reports

NeuroTeamView provides flexible reporting options to meet your requirements. In addition to a unique individual team member report, NeuroTeamView provides a series of 4 team reports to meet your specific requirements.

Individual Team member report

Summary of the individual team member’s scores on psychological safety/interpersonal trust, as rated by themselves and their fellow team members and on their Social/Emotional Awareness.

4 Pillars of Psychological Safety/Trust

Summary of the teams' aggregated scores on each of the 4 scales of Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust

Team Culture Report

Plots the average score on the teams’ Social/Emotional Awareness and overall Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust to generate on overall picture of team culture and behaviours

4 Pillars of Psychological Safety/Trust Behaviour Report

The team scores and self scores on each of the behaviours underpinning the 4 scales of Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust

Team Social/Emotional Awareness Report

Plotting of the team's overall score on the NeuroTeamView Social/Emotional Awareness

NeuroTeamView Certification

Our certification programmes will provide you with the knowledge and skills to design highly effective and engaging team development programmes to meet your clients’ needs using our NeuroTeamView assessment.

For organisations that wish to certify a team of in-house practitioners we offer a one-day in-house certification programme (with some pre-work required ahead of the workshop). In-house programmes are for up to eight people.

We offer two formats for certification, online and face to face.

Online Certification programme: The NeuroView Certification can be delivered online, and provides consultants and HR professionals with the training to use the NeuroView leadership assessment and the NeuroChange platform Momentor in their programs. Our online certification program runs regularly at various times and across different time zones.

Workshop Certification programme: For organisations that wish to certify a team of in-house practitioners we offer an in-house one-day certification programme (with some pre-work required ahead of the workshop). In-house programmes are for up to eight people.

The programme covers:

  • Introduction/Ice Breaker Team Exercise
  • Introduction to the NeuroTeamView Team Culture Profile
  • Using the NeuroTeamView Assessment for Teambuilding Interventions
  • Understanding the NeuroTeamView Model
  • The Neuroscience of High Trust/High Performing Teams
  • Interpreting the Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust Pillars Scores
  • The Neuroscience of Psychological Safety/Interpersonal Trust
  • Interpreting the Social/Emotional Awareness Scores
  • Using the NeuroTeamView Reports for your Team Building programme
  • Marketing and Using NeuroTeamView Resources/Materials
    • Individual Team Member Report
    • Technical/Research Manual
    • Team Building Exercises Workbook
    • Participant Workbook
    • Participant PowerPoint Slides

Please contact us for more information on pricing and to book a place.

Certification Course Outline
  • Part 1
    Introduction to NeuroTeamView. You will gain an understanding of why it is important and how this powerful tool can make a real difference to teams.
  • Part 2
    The Neuroscience of Trust. This session will review current research around the neurobiology of trust.
  • Part 3
    Team Development Models. Understand different models of team development and becoming familiar with the NeuroTeamView model.
  • Part 4
    Exploring results and using NeuroTeamView. Taking a look at the reports and the variety of data available to you in the team and individual reports.
  • Part 5
    Support and administration. Information on the resources available, how we can support you and the administration of NeuroTeamView.
  • Part 6
    Debriefing the NeuroTeamView Report. Role-play providing feedback with the facilitator using a NeuroTeamView assessment report to meet the final certification requirements and to ensure understanding around how to deliver the assessment.
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Free Resources to Support NeuroTeamView

We provide a number of resources to help advance knowledge and insight into using NeuroTeamView effectively with your leadership programmes.


Created by Practicing Neuroscientists and I/O Psychologists

NeuroTeamView was developed by Envisia Learning, Inc. under the direction of:
Dr. Ken Nowack, Ph. D.
Chief Research Officer
Envisia Learning, Inc.

Our Work in the Press

Our work on the neuroscience of high performing organizations has been included in numerous publications, including: